I’ve never believed “I’ve never believed”

I never believed “I’ve never believed” would be a blog series of stories. I don’t write, I don’t express myself very easy, and I don’t consider my life much different from my neighbors. Nothing interesting so far…
There are two reasons for “I’ve never believed”:
First reason: Everybody around me said I was really good at writing which encouraged me to stop writing…it felt like being an only child and my parents would try to see talent where there was none…well, I am an only child and my parents did dream of me becoming a famous writer. But they were not the alone in this dream, my teachers, my friends, my distant family, all of them were there trying to convince me that was the path I should follow. I certainly was not in that dream…for me, their opinion was just like my opinion on sculpture which I didn’t understand but from time to time I would talk about some piece of art I’d heard of on TV, only to look interesting. So I woke everybody from their dream by quitting writing. Now, “I’ve never believed” is just a proof that they were wrong. One day one of the people I listed above got drunk or something happened, can’t say for sure what but she made me a writer again. So I decided to prove my non existing writing skills with this little blog.
Second reason: since I was making the decision to start writing on my own blog, which I’d been having for some years only to post pictures, (just a reminder: because I was not a writer), I needed a title or something to make sense…just to look credible in front of my close supporters (family and friends)…then I realised that one of the phrases I use the most on a daily basis was “I can’t believe”. So I found my stories in what I never believed, which apparently were a lot of them. Most of these stories are things that others have already lived so there’s no news in here for some people, but you’ll be surprised to see how much life takes someone by surprise.

I’ve nerver belived “I’ve never believed” would be written by me but I think it’s more interesting to surprise yourself by making things you would never do. Why? Me for example, I get sleepy when I have to repeat my actions… believe it.